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How Much Sun Do Solar Panels Need To Generate Energy?

Most solar panels need to be placed in direct sunlight to reach their maximum solar output.

One of the most common worries people have before investing in solar is whether the area they live in is sunny enough.

"How much sun do solar panels need?" is a frequent question from homeowners.

The simple answer is...

If you live in Australia, your solar panels
will almost certainly save you money

In sunny states like Queensland, solar users can potentially save as much as $1,100 a year on energy bills with a 3kW system

And even way down south in Tasmania, a home way with solar can potentially cut $950 from their annual energy bills with a 3kW system.

Of course, these savings are affected by how much rain and cloud we get every year. That’s why many homeowners are taking extra steps to save money with solar.


By installing modern solar battery
systems like the Tesla Powerwall 2

Up until now, installing more solar panels than you needed to power your home during the day was a waste of time.

The excess energy was fed back into the grid. The power companies paid you a tiny amount for every kW sold… and then after dark, you had to buy YOUR energy back from them at a much higher price.

It was a complete rip off!

But finally, the energy corporation’s stranglehold on Australian homeowners is coming to an end thanks to advances in solar battery technology.

Say goodbye to being scammed by power companies!

For years, solar batteries were only worthwhile for people who lived off the grid in remote areas. But thanks to advances in technology, that’s no longer the case.

The newest solar battery models can economically store the electricity generated by solar panels during the day… so that you can slash your electricity bills.

And you can potentially save thousands of dollars every year for renovating your home, go on holidays, or paying off your mortgage.

The most popular of these new solar
battery systems is the Tesla Powerwall 2

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is the market leader in this area. It has double the capacity of the original Powerwall - 13.2kWh of usable energy storage. This is more than enough to power most homes through the night.

And if you need more energy capacity, you can install up to 9 batteries. So even if you get several rainy days in a row, you still don’t have to hand your hard-earned cash over to the power companies.

The Tesla Powerwall 2 works as follows…

  • Solar panels convert sunlight to DC (Direct Current) electricity.
  • Any surplus DC electricity charges the Tesla Powerwall 2.
  • When the sun sets or goes behind a cloud, the Tesla Powerwall 2 feeds the stored electricity back into your home.

If you produce more energy than you need during the day, you no longer have to sell it to the power company for peanuts.

You can keep the electricity your
solar panels produce for yourself!

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is also streamlined, sleek and stylish. It is rated for indoor or outdoor use in the harsh Australian climate. Plus, you can set it up so that it even powers your home during a power outage.

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It’s no wonder that so many Australian households want to buy solar batteries to reduce their reliance on the big power companies that have had a stranglehold over them for years!

Will the Tesla Powerwall 2 benefit you?

That depends on where you live and the layout of your home. However, case studies suggest it can reduce your daily energy bill by as much as 90%.

The upfront costs varies, but it is possible to get the system installed for as little as $35 a week on an interest free loan.

If you want to save money and reduce your reliance on electricity companies with a solar storage solution, contact us today.

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